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Human Reproduction Project

Our tecaher told us to answer some questions to out mothers that are written on her blog to know more about their pregnancy: Questions: 1)How old were your parents when your mother got pregnant? 2) Did  she see a doctor … Continue reading

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This is the mind map my base group (sere, facu) and I did. It explains the menstraul cycle and the woman’s sintoms during menstruation. This was the task given to us and we feel like is a shorter easier way … Continue reading

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Why is only the oiler given a name (Billie)? Why are the others referred to generally? I think that is because the oiler is one of the main characters. Since is the only one who dies and in the ending … Continue reading

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History (Inflation and hyperinflation)

Our teacher left us some assaiments to do: Hyperinflation in germany in 1920’s: In the end of the war much of europ was in ruins. Germany  was defeated and so they wanted payback. They started to print money, by … Continue reading

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“One Art” questions

1What do you think the poet means by “the art of losing” and how serious is she about this idea? 2How important is the poem’s form to your reading of it? 3What effect does the refrain have upon your understanding … Continue reading

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This poem is about a girl called Heidi, who is the main character. She had recently faced living in a new country and her mother’s death. Her first day of school she went with her hair dyed in blue, which … Continue reading

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This is the poster Emilia Varela, Lucas Vorbeck, Manuel Carrizo, and I did together: A) is searched infromation about de the home front, this are some of the links I used; Who Was Rosie the Riveter? B) i … Continue reading

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Never Stop on the Motorway

last class my classmates, Emilia Varela and Nico Grosso, did a presentation about the story we finished in class called “Never Stop on the Motorway”. In the presentation they explained the vocabulary, the plot and the characters. This will be … Continue reading

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The narrator: He was a long time no see friend of Usher that recieved a card to go to his house and help him. At first he seemed normal but for me he is as crazy as Roderick since he … Continue reading

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GERUNDS, language

this is a video I found most useful to understand what are gerunds:

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