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History (Inflation and hyperinflation)

Our teacher left us some assaiments to do: Hyperinflation in germany in 1920’s: In the end of the war much of europ was in ruins. Germany  was defeated and so they wanted payback. They started to print money, by … Continue reading

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Dios Del Olimpo

En la clase de historia, nos asignaron un dios del Olimpo a cada uno y teníamos que investigar sobre el mismo. En mi grupo, investigamos sobre Afrodita y Hermes. Afrodita: es la diosa del amor y la belleza. Su esposo … Continue reading

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I am with Sere. 

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Ed. Tecnologica

El viernes empezamos haciendo nuestro trabajo productivo; el juego de mesa. Nos visitaron unas diseñadoras industriales que nos ayudaron a lo largo del camino. Nos separamos en diferentes grupos, a mi y a mi grupo nos toco observar a los … Continue reading

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“One Art” questions

1What do you think the poet means by “the art of losing” and how serious is she about this idea? 2How important is the poem’s form to your reading of it? 3What effect does the refrain have upon your understanding … Continue reading

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This is the animal cell I did with Serena Braun.

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ed. tecnologia 14/6

Ayer mis compañeros pasaron al frente y presentaron los juegos que habian pensado con su pareja. En la segunda hora respondimos unas preguntas del video que habiamos visto la clase pasada y despues seguimos presentando los juegos. Al final de la … Continue reading

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This poem is about a girl called Heidi, who is the main character. She had recently faced living in a new country and her mother’s death. Her first day of school she went with her hair dyed in blue, which … Continue reading

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This is the poster Emilia Varela, Lucas Vorbeck, Manuel Carrizo, and I did together: A) is searched infromation about de the home front, this are some of the links I used; Who Was Rosie the Riveter? B) i … Continue reading

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La Identidad Nacional De Argentina

Argentina es conocido por sus famosas costumbres y tradiciones como bailar tango y tomar mate, estas costumbres son muy famosas. La mayoría de los Argentinos son católicos y hablan en castellano y se destacan por su acento peculiar. Extranjeros han … Continue reading

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