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Our tecaher told us to answer some questions to out mothers that are written on her blog to know more about their pregnancy:


1)How old were your parents when your mother got pregnant?

2) Did  she see a doctor as soon as she knew she was pregnant?

3) What kind of tests did the doctor ask her to do?

4) Were there any problems during  her pregnancy?

5) Did she follow a special diet ?

6) Did she take any special precautions?

7)Did your parents know your sex before you were born?

8) How did your mother feel you were inside her uterus?

9) How many weeks were you inside?

10) Were you born at a hospital or at home?

11) Was it a natural birth or Cesarean birth?

12) Were there any difficulties at the time you were born?

13) At what time were you born?

14) How long  was it?

15) Any special medical care just after you were born?

16) Were you breastfed or bottle fed?


1. My mom was 24 and my dad 27 at that time

2. Yes, she did as soon as she find out

3. Blood test and una ecography 

4. No, there weren’t any problems 

5. She didn’t followed any kind of diet 

6. She didn’t drank alochol

7. Yes, they knew

8. I moved a lot but she still felt really happy to have her first daughter 

9. I was inside of my mother for 41 weeks

10. I was born at a hospital 

11. My birth was a cesarian birth

12. Yes. It was going to be a natural birth but I was being choked by the umbilical cord 

13. I was born at 9:30 p.m.

14. It was fast

15. There wasn’t

16. I was fed with both

17. The happiest day of her life where she became mom for the first time. The best feeling you could have. The first time she hugged me she couldn’t stop crying

This are some pictures from when I was born:


I was born in 2005, the year my mom had her first child.

I brought joy all along, my mother owned a big belly and did not peed blood

I came by cesarian because natural birth was not an option, since my umilical cord was choking me and we needed to take precautions. 

Finally I was out and all my mother could do is cry, love me, and hug me tight. 

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