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Why is only the oiler given a name (Billie)? Why are the others referred to generally? I think that is because the oiler is one of the main characters. Since is the only one who dies and in the ending … Continue reading

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Biology project

After some weeks, we finished the Biology Project we had been working on. Here is the table of results

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 este fue el porcentaje de cuanto gasto de energia. Creo que puedo mejorar esto por apagar las luces cuando no las use.

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History (Inflation and hyperinflation)

Our teacher left us some assaiments to do: Hyperinflation in germany in 1920’s: In the end of the war much of europ was in ruins. Germany  was defeated and so they wanted payback. They started to print money, by … Continue reading

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Dios Del Olimpo

En la clase de historia, nos asignaron un dios del Olimpo a cada uno y teníamos que investigar sobre el mismo. En mi grupo, investigamos sobre Afrodita y Hermes. Afrodita: es la diosa del amor y la belleza. Su esposo … Continue reading

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I am with Sere. 

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